Minted Bars

Current legislation prohibits South African citizens from owning gold in an unwrought form - see the Precious Metals Act promulgated by the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME).

Sp Specifications of gold minted bars
Mass Fineness Dimensions (mm)
10 gram 999.9 25.74 x 15.73 x 1.95
50 gram 999.9 44.50 x 25.95 x 2.80
100 gram 999.9 47.73 x 27.78 x 4.60
All gold minted bars are produced from responsible gold.
All gold minted bars are certified gold.
All gold minted bars carry the Rand PureTM mark.

Other denominations can be quoted for on request.

Rand Refinery acts as agent for selected gold producers in the refining, marketing and sale of their gold production. In so doing, we have liaison arrangements with Members of the LBMA in London for the sale and distribution of gold refined by Rand Refinery into Value Added Products.

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