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Rand Refinery


Poised to launch into another 93 years of pioneering history, Rand Refinery has been at the forefront of precious metals refining and smelting for the last 90 years.

We put refinement into everything we do, constantly striving towards attaining flawless perfection. And in this process, we have moved to encompass the entire precious metals value-chain, offering more customers more opportunities. We are a full service global player in a dynamic and ever-evolving world market.

Since 1920, we have refined nearly 50 000 tons of gold – almost one third of all the gold mined worldwide. We also refine silver to the same globally recognized benchmark standards, maintained throughout our nine decades of operation.

During this time, we have established a firm reputation for integrity, reliability and quality with the world’s leading bullion banks, commodities traders and coin distributors. Our longstanding history as one of the world’s leading refiners has seen Rand Refinery receive global accreditation, international referee status (one of only five international LBMA referees, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere), and ISO certification.


In addition to its smelting and refining services Rand Refinery offers evaluation as well as logistics and vault services.

Value-added products

We are equally focused on continually refining our fabrication process, turning our internationally desired refined gold and silver into innovative value-added products that truly represent pure refinement.

Pr Products
All gold produced by Rand Refinery is responsible gold and complies with international guidelines.

Gold cast bars

Minted bars

Semi-finished jewellery



Rand Refinery certified gold

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